Why Don't You...Ceruse - a follow up!

Happy Thanksgiving! What do you have going on this week? We're up at my parents house for the next couple of days, but when we get back I have some big, productive plans! Black Friday is less about shopping for me and more about project time! It's so nice to have a chunk of uninterrupted time at home, when the emails aren't coming fast and furious and the pace feels a little slower. I did this cerusing project for Domino over a holiday weekend and it's still one of my favorite pieces in the house!

 photo Jenny 9 1.jpg

(photos by my friend, Sarah Webb - who has the CUTEST loungewear line here!)

I love to really research a project as much as possible before tackling it. Before I started the cerusing on the secretary piece, I looked around for limed furniture inspiration and it was actually sort of hard to find! There isn't much about cerusing out there - and even fewer images with tagged info on the cerusing. After some digging, here are my most favorite cerused images and links from around the web...

Stunning, right? It's such a graphic yet organic look! If you want to try cerusing yourself, remember that the piece has to be solid oak, and the more pronounced the grain, the better! It's super easy to find affordable oak pieces at thrift stores and on Craigslist. I just did a quick search on the Phoenix CL and found a dozen great options!

 photo LGN OAK.jpg
The full tutorial for cerusing is on the original post, but here's a list of the materials you'll need:

Happy cerusing, friends! Please email me photos if you give it a try yourself! I'd love to see. AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! xo

Holiday Equations: Shimmer + Organic + Unexpected Color

I'm really getting into the holiday spirit this year! We busted out the Christmas decor at our house this weekend and took a trip to Target to supplement the things I already had on hand. I wanted our holiday decorations to look a little more clean and modern this season! My formula was a bit of shimmer + pops of unexpected color + organic elements.

 photo IMG_2979.jpg

Here are my best tips for pulling it off!

1) The more shimmer, the better! Not only are metallic, reflective and glittery surfaces are super festive, there's the added bonus that the colors will always look great with your home's permanent decor!

 photo IMG_3489.jpg

I found these metallic paper stars at Target (on sale!) that definitely fit in the shimmer category and I bought two in each color and size. I hung them from the molding on either side of the library using 3M hooks and black ribbon. I think it looks great from the entry and from the music room!

 photo IMG_3221.jpg

 photo IMG_3285.jpg

 photo IMG_3234.jpg

2) Think beyond the standard red + green color scheme!

Speaking of the black ribbon, I really wanted to incorporate small hits of unexpected color (like black) in my holiday decor this year. Target had some black ornaments that I added to my collection (as well as these pretty pastel gem-shaped ornaments).

 photo IMG_3510.jpg
(and how pretty is the Sugar Paper line of gift boxes?)

 photo IMG_3021.jpg

 photo IMG_3058.jpg

I tried to bring the pops of black and shimmer in to the other parts of the room using pillows and accent furniture like this little faux fur stool. Isn't it pretty?!

 photo IMG_3502.jpg

I love this big  black and white pillow so much that I bought a second one to use as a pair on the roll-arm sofa after the holidays. It's great for pattern-mixing (like with this sweet little gold-embroidered pillow).

 photo IMG_3080.jpg

3) Keep the look modern with organic elements

Target's done an amazing job of nailing the organic modern look this year! I'm crazy over these gold wreaths and the black candelabras have been my obsession since they hit the shelves a month or two ago. They're just too good!

 photo IMG_3456.jpg

This gold candle holder was another had-to-have favorite! I put in dark green tea lights and I think the combo is so pretty! The little marble bowl and the monogrammed tray are also from the Target holiday collection.

 photo IMG_3424.jpg

 photo IMG_2997.jpg

Here is another place that I used my holiday formula. I know lilac doesn't automatically come to mind when you think of holiday colors, but I think really any color can work! And doesn't the lilac look so fresh and festive here on this shimmery berry wreath? I hung it with fresh pine boughs on top of my giant floor mirror where we like to tape up holiday cards from friends and family.

 photo IMG_3605.jpg

 photo IMG_3397.jpg

 photo IMG_3020.jpg

I carried the non-traditional-pops-of-color theme into the music room with a warm, organic wooden bowl full of my antique mercury glass ornaments and these AMAZING bottle brush trees on the piano.

 photo IMG_3135.jpg

 photo IMG_3116.jpg

Have you seen all the rose gold pieces at Target right now? So on-trend! This solid metal Merry Christmas garland is especially beautiful in person!

 photo IMG_3154.jpg

And how cute is this little JOY sign that I put on our bookshelves?

 photo IMG_3040.jpg

In this little corner of the music room, I used this super-gorg Nate Berkus marble and brass side table to hold some pretty flowers and little festive trinkets. I'm really digging this color combo!

 photo IMG_3164.jpg

It was so fun to transform these rooms with my girls over the weekend! Those unexpected color additions and all the modern shimmer made my old holiday decor feel so fresh to me, but the organic touches helped keep the look clean and more modern. 

 photo IMG_2967.jpg

What holiday equations will you use to transform your home for the holidays?

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.

Boom Watch Me

A new watch is at the top of my holiday wish list this year! My friend has the big one below from Stock Watches out of Australia and it is amazing. She gets a million compliments on it every day.

 photo LGN watches 3.jpg

1  //  2  //  3  //  4

I can't decide if I want rose gold or yellow gold accents or a leather or a metal mesh strap. I do know that I'm most drawn to a big, white face.

 photo LGN watches 1.jpg
5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10

 photo LGN watches 2.jpg
11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15   //  16

This beauty from Void Watches with its natural leather flat strap, is absolutely singing my name! I love the clean white face and the brass details! 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.34.55 PM.png

Have you seen any great watches around lately? I have a vintage Timex that I still love, but it's starting to look a little shabby after me wearing it to death for years and years. :) 

A Holiday Mantle and DIY Faux Log Set

I LOVE living right around the corner from my sister, Ali! There are the obvious amazing reasons, but I also really love that we get to help each other with decorating and house projects all the time. Our girls have been begging to let us decorate for Christmas already, and we were happy to get started last weekend!

 photo IMG_2783 1.jpg

We picked out a few gorgeous holiday pieces at Pier 1 to use in Ali's living room. Isn't this color combo gorgeous?!

Here's a reminder of what her new house looked like before we painted.

 photo IMG_0112.jpg

We started hanging some of the new Pier 1 items (this white garland is beautiful!) and it was starting to look so pretty that we were inspired to tackle this faux stacked log project that Ali and I had been talking about doing in here for months! Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes I need a little encouragement to get going on a project! :)

 photo IMG_4473.jpg

 photo IMG_4496.jpg

I made a paper template of Ali's arched fire box and cut a piece of 3/4" plywood to fit inside it snugly and painted the plywood black. I bought just a few dollars worth of eucalyptus logs from a tree service company and cut them down with a miter saw in random lengths and used Liquid Nails to attach them to the black plywood backing.

Isn't this a fun project? It was pretty easy to do and it makes such a statement in the room! It looks so cozy with all of beautiful holiday decor we used here!

 photo IMG_2764.jpg

You guys know how much I love a good layered garland! I started with the white garland hung on removable hook strips and then added in a bit of greenery and sparkly leaves, as well as this adorable star garland

 photo IMG_2714.jpg

 photo IMG_2932.jpg

 photo IMG_2893.jpg

 photo IMG_2802.jpg

I also hung a few of these pretty gold ombre stockings. I love how these look against Ali's white fireplace!

 photo IMG_2936.jpg

 photo IMG_2826.jpg

 photo IMG_2796.jpg

Also, how cute is that faux snow leopard pillow on Ali's navy blue midcentury modern chair? It is gorgeous in person and it only cost $25! Such a score.

 photo IMG_2910.jpg

The space above Ali's mantle is big and tricky to decorate around. I decided adding some bigger pieces up there would help with the scale. We propped up a giant mirror and layered on a few pieces, like this cute wooden horse (we added his little neck decoration) and this adorable 'Tis The Season chalkboard sign.

 photo IMG_2852.jpg

 photo IMG_2844 1.jpg

We wanted to hang a wreath on top of the giant mirror and this mixed-metals ornament wreath was the obvious choice! I picked up some extra wide hot pink satin ribbon and tied a bow the Martha way, which is easy and fool-proof!

 photo IMG_2722.jpg

Instead of the around-the-tree-and-through-the-hole method, she recommends the two-bunny-ears method.

 photo IMG_2729.jpg

 photo IMG_2734.jpg

It's easier to make the bow symmetrical this way!

 photo IMG_2741.jpg

I used a couple of picture hanging strips to hang the ribbon on top of the frame of the mirror. I love how it adds a layer of color and texture!

 photo IMG_2927.jpg

Also, guys, how amazingly great are those agate slice stands?! I LOVE them and think they look so great in the holiday mix!

 photo IMG_2892.jpg

 photo IMG_2887.jpg

The little pre-lit gold tree is another favorite. I just added a few starburst ornaments to make it even prettier!

 photo IMG_2899.jpg

We also used this faux shearling runner as a mini tree skirt. Cute, right?

 photo IMG_2907.jpg

 photo IMG_2808.jpg

After Thanksgiving, we'll go pick up our live Christmas trees and add the rest of these pretty ornaments to the room. I'm loving how everything looks so far though! Pink is such a pretty Christmas color!

 photo IMG_2685.jpg

 photo IMG_2855.jpg

 photo IMG_4523.jpg

This post is brought to you by Pier 1 Imports.


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